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French Bulldog Puppies

We have been breeding French bulldogs for 30 years for show and pet homes. Here at Stewart’s we are very proud of our french bulldogs and we do not sell them to homes that we do not feel will provide the precious little puppies for a lifetime of companionship not put them in a kennel and keep them in a create. We feel that our puppies deserve a better life than that. We love what we do and know that French bulldogs enjoy human companionship as much as the people who purchase them love the little Frenchies this is important to keeping you Frenchies happy. Our dog are bred to the AKC french bulldog breed standard. We have bred and showed our Frenchies to AKC championship. We have completed many of our puppies to champions. Our Frenchies are very eye-catching and have great personalities that the discriminating buyers expect. We also train our puppies to go outside to do their business instead of going on your floor. We believe in training our Frenchies to do what we want them to do. We use the positive reward system of training and never try to force them into doing something they do not know what you want them to do. Frienchies are a bit stubborn and if you make them angry or if you lose you temper and abuse your Frenchie they may never do what you are trying to get them to do.

Note: The prices posted are for pet homes only They will have limited AKC registration Papers.



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