French Bulldog Puppies Available | Coastal Mississippi

French Bulldog Puppies Available

We have bred 1. Keeper and 2. Hope. We are waiting for Cookie Monster to come into heat. We are breeding them to Spartacus. Pictures of Spartacus and Keeper are near the bottom of this page.

usually we have 3 to 5 puppies in our litters.

Please fill out this form and help us match you to the perfect puppy.

No Kennel – Home Kept – Hand Raised

These puppies have been sold however they represent the quality of our French Bulldog Puppies

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French bulldog puppies available

Stewart’s Cajun Bullies  French bulldog puppies available for Christmas, we have two females we are going to breed. Our puppies are bred from carefully selected champion bloodlines for 40 years. We believe in healthy happy puppies. I suggest bookmarking French bulldog puppies available so you can check often and easily. Our puppies are hand raised from birth. We make sure our puppies have a great start and love to be handled.

Do not be cheated

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by people who promise you a French bulldog puppy but do not deliver the correct puppy. Here are some links that offer suggestions on how to purchase a dog online.

How To Buy A Puppy Online and not get cheated

How To Get Started The Right Way

french bulldog puppies available

french bulldog puppies available Spartacus Stands At Stud

french bulldog puppies available

french bulldog puppies available Keeper will be bred to Spartacus we expect excellent puppies with this match

french bulldog puppies available

EZ Stands Stud

New Litter Expected Soon

Call Stewart’s Cajun Bullies Now 601-403-9714

French Bulldog Puppies Available

We have been breeding French bulldogs for 40 years for show and pet homes. We are very proud of our french bulldogs and we do not sell our puppies to homes we feel may not be a good match if you are interested in French Bulldog Puppy. We love what we do and that French bulldogs enjoy human companionship. People who purchase them love the little Frenchies this is important to keeping  Frenchies happy. Our dog are bred to the AKC french bulldog breed standard. We have bred and showed our Frenchies to AKC championship. We have completed many of our puppies to champions. Our Frenchies are very eye-catching and have great personalities that the discriminating buyers expect. We also train our puppies to go outside to do their business instead of going on your floor. We believe in training our Frenchies to do what we want them to do. We use the positive reward system of training and never try to force them into doing something they do not know what you want them to do. Frienchies are a bit stubborn and if you make them angry or if you lose you temper and abuse your Frenchie they may never do what you are trying to get them to do.

Note: The prices posted are for pet homes only They will have limited AKC registration Papers.

Scam alert the website Are collecting money for puppies they do not have. Do not confuse this website as being connected to us in any way.




50 thoughts on “French Bulldog Puppies Available | Coastal Mississippi

  1. Natalie Wilson

    Hey there!
    I am very interested in adopting one of your frenchie babies from one of the two litters due soon. I live in New Orleans, La and work for an animal hospital. I’d love to learn how I can place a deposit to hold a baby, please. Thanks so much!


    1. Jerry Stewart Post author

      Hello Natalie,

      We would welcome you to our frenchie family made up of others who have seen the quality of our French bulldog puppies. A check would work in the amount $500.00. Thank you so much for the inquiry.

    1. Jerry Stewart Post author

      Hello Brad,
      Well the mini bulldog missed, she is getting older. The French bulldog puppies are a different story we have two that are going to have puppies at the end of this month or the first few days in Dec. Only one has a deposit the rest are up for sale. These are out of two of our best Frenchies. We ask for a $500 deposit to hold your puppy.

        1. Jerry Stewart Post author

          Hello Jacque,
          We are having a new litter of puppies today. We have two brindle female puppies now and hope for one more. The two we have are brindle female puppies. If you want to put a deposit down send us a check or money order. If you send a check it will have to clear the bank and you have a puppy reserved.

          1. Jacque

            I’m so sorry I did not see this sooner. We have purchased a fawn male from someone a little more local to us. Thank you for following up though!

  2. Ronnie L Smith Jr

    I’ve wanted a French bulldog for many years. Me and my fiance will be looking for a frenchie soon. We will be living in Brandon and have a Boston terrier and rescue dog. We can’t have kids, so our kids our or dogs. We would like a male for a pet to love and add to our family.

    1. Jerry Stewart Post author

      Hello Ronnie,
      Good news we are having a new litter today. At this minute we have two puppies and hope for one more. Perhaps you will find what you are looking for. The two puppies we have now are brindle females. We will be posting pictures on this site in a couple of days.

  3. Jackie Worley

    Hi how can I put a deposit down to have you hold one puppy for me ,my son is off shore
    and he wanted to get this puppy for his wife for Christmas ,is it still $1500
    please let me know how to sent you the deposit check I am in Louisiana, but we do go
    to Biloxi a lot….your puppies and dogs are very beautiful
    Thank You
    Jackie Worley

    1. Jerry Stewart Post author

      Hello Jackie,
      We are having puppies today. right now we have two brindle female puppies, she started having them this morning. She might have one more we will just have to wait and see. We will post pictures in a couple of days. If you want to put a deposit just mail us a check or money order for $500.00 and one will be yours. I am not sure about the price but it will be around $1500. We are not looking to get rich off of the puppies. We set very fair prices on our puppies. If you are only interested in paying $1500 we will find you one. I cannot say what the prices will be at this stage as the are new born. After all Christmas is here and we want to make you happy.

    1. Jerry Stewart Post author

      Hello Patti,
      Good news we are have a litter of puppies today. I will be posting pictures on this site. I will be a couple of days before we will photograph the puppies. You can see these puppies grow form new born to 6 to 8 week old puppies. I hope you can find something you like. We have two brindle female puppies at this point. Not sure if this is all she is going to have or if there might be one more.

    1. Jerry Stewart Post author

      Hello Kimberly,
      We have a female brindle pied that is two years old and is going to have puppies the last few days of this month. They will be priced from 1500.00 to 3500.00. We already have one sold. Is a puppy all your are interested in? We have a adult female that would like to be re homed. Does not make a mess in her crate or the floor. Loves to cuddle on the couch

  4. shetawn

    Where are you located in mississippi? We are on the coast line, and will be looking to get one eventually. The money just isn’t there to purchase in full. Also, when we do want to purchase one, I know you said $500 down to hold, so does that mean we pay the rest in full when we pick up the puppy? Iv never bought a puppy this way lol, we have always adopted. So this is all new on how to do it all.

    1. Jerry Stewart Post author

      Hello Shetawn,
      We live close to Poplarville, Ms about 50 Miles from the gulf coast on I-59 at exit 27. We will accept a deposit, it is non refundable, for 500.00 and you will pay the full amount when you pick-up you puppy.

  5. Kat

    Hi, I am interested in purchasing a puppy with you. Could you send me photos of the ones that you have available? I am looking to spend $1500 – $2000.

    Thanks so much

    1. Jerry Stewart Post author

      Hello Kat,
      I believe that pictures of some pic’s of Spartacus (sire) and Phebe (dam) on the opening page. I will check for sure. I will also send you some pic’s that are not on the site if you want.

  6. Kimberly Nunnally

    I have been looking for a French bulldog for a while and have been very picky. I too live in Mississippi! I am interested in a cream colored frenchy. Do you have any cream colored with your new litter?

  7. Chelsea

    Hello! I’m interested in a Frenchie and saw that you may have an adult female that needs to be rehomed. Please let me know if she is still available. I’ve been looking for a French bulldog, but would much prefer an adult. Thank you!

      1. Chelsea

        I am definitely interested in her. If you could please email me more info such as her age, health history, etc that would be great. And some photos you could send me, as well as how much for her. Thank you!

  8. Beth

    My husband and I are trying to decide between getting a Boston Terrier and a French Bulldog. Whichever one we decide on, we just want a good, loving, pet quality puppy. One part of our decision making process is the price. I know the French Bulldogs will be more expensive than a Boston. Could you tell me what you usually charge for a French Bulldog (pet quality).

    Thank you

  9. Joyce Silar

    Just inquiring about your April litter. Would like more information about any available puppies. We are located in Lafayette Louisiana and are interested in a male pet quality puppy.

  10. Jerry Stewart Post author

    Hello Lisa,

    We are going to have Christmas puppies of from our favorite females. These are going to be really healthy and happy. We are also going to have a litter of mini Bulldogs that might be of interest to you? Stay in touch as we will be posting pictures of the puppies on our site.

  11. Jenine Merritt

    Hello. We ran into one of your dogs here in Destin and he was beautiful. I am looking to adopt an adult. Do you ever have any breeding dogs that you retire and adopt out? Thanks!

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