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Bull Tales

A Bulldog we called Pupper.

My son had been having a war with Pupper, one could see the animosity between the two of them. One night my son has had a few two many beers (he was of legal drinking age) any how he came home a little intoxicated and fell face first into bed. That is when he found Pupper had peed on his pillow. Steve ran down poor Pupper and abused him a little too much. I knew he had done the wrong thing getting on Pupper. A few weeks later when he was getting ready to go to work one morning and was putting his shoes on he found Pupper had left a surprise in his shoe. Pupper had pooped in his shoe. I never hears such language and Pupper came tearing out in the living room and hid under the couch I was sitting on. I laughed so much I almost peed my pants