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Keeper is going to have French Bulldog Puppies

Keeper is going to have French Bulldog Puppies

Photo of a french bulldog playing in the water

Keeper is a young bitch we are going to breed her for the first time



Photo of a red pied french bulldog stud dog

Spartacus Standing Stud

We are expecting puppies to look like this

image of french bulldog puppy

There is nothing like a white and red spotted puppy for christmas

Ready for Christmas

Keeper is our favorite French bulldog.  She is our house companion and we never expected to breed her. Spartacus is a very small French bulldog male that weighs about 20 pounds. He produces very small French bulldogs we call them Frenchie nuggets.

If You Want A French Bulldog That Is Something Special You Do Not Want To Miss Out On This Litter.

French bulldogs are very eye catching. These little French bulldog puppies will be small and very bully with an outgoing personality. They will be hand raised in our home. Not in a kennel, Frenchies need to feel loved by a human. This makes them love their human family.

These French Bulldog puppies will paper trained and will go outside to do their business.

French Bulldog Puppies are easy to house break if you know how to do it. There are many books written on this subject. Our puppies are well on their way to go outside when they feel the urge to purge.