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About French bulldogs

French Bulldogs Are Companion Dogs

image of cream french bulldog

Pure Love And Trust

French bulldogs things you notice

  • Frenchies enjoy human contact
  • Frenchies want to make you happy
  • Frenchies are stubborn
  • Frenchies like treats and praise
  • Frenchies love to cuddle
  • Frenchies like to nap
  • Frenchies are very active and love to play untill they are tired
  • Frenchies are very intelligent your puppy may be getting you trained while you think you are training the puppy.
  • Cookie French Bulldog Leaps Down Step


French bulldogs might have allergies

About twice  a year some of my Frenchies break out with allergies and their coat gets to looking pretty ragged. There are treatments to help reduce the discomfort but be aware some Frenchies do have problems with allergies

French bulldogs do best with people who have time for them

Frenchies do demand a lot of time and attention so if you are a person that does not have the time for them then they will not be the breed for you. If you do have the time Frenchies will give a lifetime of love and companionship.

image of french bulldog jumping down a step
French Bulldog Uno Jumps Down Step 

French bulldogs love to play

Our French bulldogs love to play keep away. That’s right grab something and try to keep you from getting it.

Another is tug of war they are really get into spirited tug of war but a word of caution watch for the teeth!

Sandy French Bulldog Puppy Sits Up

French bulldogs are very Intelligent.

French bulldogs will amaze you with the things your Frenchie can and will get into. We have had a few that could talk. We have three right now that can talk. Teach a French bulldog to  go outside to go to the bathroom, sit, lay, stay, and walk on lead is easy and is accomplished with praise and treats. Do not fight with your Frenchie it is a sure way to find out about their stubborn side.