French Bulldog Breed Standard

French Bulldog Breed Standard If you want information on the breed follow these links below:

World Wide French Bulldog Breed Standard

What You Might Want To Know About French Bulldogs

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Our breeding program follows the breed standard producing a consistent look and no major health problems, in fact we guarantee in writing on this site. After breeding a line of dogs over say forty years and finishing many AKC champion french bulldogs. Proof that our line meets the breed standard very well indeed. They still have that same winning look.

We offer these puppies with confidence we can match the perfect puppy for your lifestyle. We have a form to fill out that helps us make informed decisions. We care about our puppies and the people we expect to provide the puppy with a good lifetime home. We want to make you happy with your puppy.

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These puppies are not raised in a kennel but in our home. The puppies are whelped in a box at the head of our bed. If a Puppy cries during the night we are up and seeing what is making the puppy cry. We handle  the puppies everyday several times a day checking them for any signs of problems. We always give the puppy some type of a treat generally some warm goat milk with a drop of honey mixed in. This associates people and pleasure. This is the first step in developing a great, loving, and happy companion for you.

Changes I Would Like To The Breed Standard

A bit more nose so they can breath better in the warmer climates would be nice. The ability of a dog to control it temperature is dependent on their being able to breath well. I would like to see males that can breed without any human interference of any kind, and females that free whelp puppies. I want french bulldogs to be able to survive as a breed.  French bulldog puppies and adults should live long lives and be able to enjoy good movement through out their life.




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