French Bulldog Puppies In Their New Homes

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French Bulldog Talking to his mama from YouTube

french bulldog puppies available

Santa or Elf or is he a reindeer wrangler

Many people have a hard time believing that a French bulldog can talk. Most of the ones we have had that talk are males. We are still looking for a female that talks like the males do. We do have some females that love to watch tv.

French Bulldog talking to his mama from YouTube.

French bulldogs puppies are so adorable and loving. They are a lot like lays potato chips it is hard to stop with just one. Our French bulldog puppies are handled by us from the day they are born until the leave our home, this makes for a puppy that loves interacting with people. That is the definition of a companion dog.

French Bulldog Singing to his mama from YouTube

It is unbelievable that a French bulldog puppy will do for attention and a treat, the treat is the most important thing as French bulldog puppies are treat motivated. Does this interest you?

French Bulldog Puppies Re-Homed

french bulldog puppies avaiable

Tuxedo living large

Have Pictures of your French bulldog puppies, of our bloodlines sent it in and we will be happy to post your French bulldog puppy.

French Bulldog Puppies Reward Training

  • French bulldog puppies are food motivated.
  • Use Treats When Your French Bulldog puppy does what you want.
  • If your French bulldog puppy don’t praise him or give him a treat just ignore your frenchie until he loses interest in the bad behavior but do not lose your temper.
  • Keep sessions at the start from 5 – 15 minutes.


Salty Loves his family so much that he even talks to them, Yep I tell the truth he talks

french bulldog puppies

French bulldog puppies Cathy Kami shares this video of Salty and the plastic bag – – I just love this video. Salty reminds me of his sire EZ, he talks to the females that are in heat and when the phone rings hollers hello.

Tuxedo Living large in the Big Easy

Must love french bulldogs

french bulldog puppies avaiable

Tuxedo living large

french bulldog puppies available

Santa or Elf or is he a reindeer wrangler

5 thoughts on “French Bulldog Puppies In Their New Homes

  1. kristen

    I’m interested in a puppy around Christmas time. I only want my puppy as a pet. Can you please tell me what price do they start at and what I need to do to place a deposit on one.
    Thank you,

    1. Jerry Stewart Post author

      Hello Kristen,
      Puppies are priced $1500.00 / $2500.00 depending on sex, color, temperament. Deposit $500.00 just send funds by a method that gives you a paper trail – Check will do nicely. We would welcome you to our frenchie family.

  2. Carla Illichio

    Still looking for a female French bulldog puppy as a companion dog for my husband and I. Can’t wait to have a new addition to our family. She will be loved adored and spoiled

    1. Jerry Stewart Post author

      Hello I have predicted puppies sense before Christmas and have nothing for the effort. We do have a female spotted frenchie that is for sure going to have some puppies. The are due the end of this month.

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